Why I am Running for Office

My goal is to serve this community and keep Chesapeake on the right path. As a lifelong resident of the city, I have at some point resided in every zip code within the city limits and have done business in ever corner. Through this, I have accumulated a vast and intimate knowledge of the needs and concerns of not only the residents but the business community as well. I currently reside in the southeast corridor of Chesapeake. This is an area that is under represented on this council and deserves special focus. My goal is to be a steward for all residents of this city, and I also want to be the proper sounding board for those in the rural and agricultural areas as well.

I am first and foremost a man of faith which sets the tone for all other personal aspirations. Secondly, I am a family man with a wife and four children. Thirdly, I am a local business owner and I depend on my business to provide for my family and for all of those whom I employ. Lastly, I am a resident, neighbor and friend to many in this city for more then 40 Years.

I truly believe in making a difference where you live while. you are able to with the God given ability gifted to oneself. I can bring forth leadership and representation to Chesapeake in a manner unique to my experience. Our founding fathers consisted of many brave and honorable men that drew forth a great vision for this county and its framework of government. Many of these men were tradesmen like myself who saw a need for better government and sacrificed their time, energy, and efforts to further the quality of life for all of those around them. Their dedication helped set up the generation behind them to have a life a little better than the one given to them. This is my charge, to leave a Chesapeake for my children that is even better than the one given to me.

My Mission is:
-Preserve the Constitutionality of our city
-Promote and preserve existing small business in Chesapeake
-Incentivize and attract new business opportunities
-Provide and improve quality community services as needed
-Develop a measured response for new residential development
Upon gaining a seat on city council, I will lead with servitude and integrity. I will strive to be open and honest with all parties. I will continue to work hard for the betterment of our community and vote in alignment with our principles.